Gobble Gobble

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it inspires people to appreciate food and family. Mike and I aren’t traditionalists when it comes to either of these things. We love to experiment with food and don’t feel tied down to traditional meals for the holidays (even though we are cooking a turkey this year). This will be our first married Thanksgiving and our first time preparing the whole meal on our own, in our new place.

Our parents and siblings can’t join us (or we chose not to travel and sit in traffic to join them) so we’ll have some different kinds of family with us this year; my basically-brother Brady (also known as the best bridesmaid EVER!!) and some new friends of ours (our first couple-friends in fact…very exciting!).

I really appreciate how people seem so giving during this time of year – willing to freely invite friends and acquaintances to join them for a meal. I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday.


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