Occupy Valentine’s Day!

I choose not to celebrate Valentine’s day. In fact, I’m not a huge fan of any holiday that ‘requires’ gift giving. My husband and I have a year-round gift giving policy – if you think of something fun for the other person and it’s reasonable, go ahead and get it! Why do you need a holiday for this? Unclear.

Valentine’s day is right around the corner so I thought I would share a fun project  with you called ‘Occupy Valentine’s Day‘, created by Samhita Mukhopadhyay. Here’s how she describes it on Feministing:

So this year in an effort to push the bounds of that exclusivity that so many of us feel on Valentine’s day, I wanted to think about the ways we can rethink love and romance to resemble who we are, as singles, couples and community. Celebrating love is a beautiful thing but shouldn’t depend on if we are in a relationship or not, our sexual orientation, our class background, our citizenship status or our marital status.

So I created a tumblr called Occupy Valentine’s Day to collect our re-imaginings of love.

Here’s one of my favorites (image from OVD): 

She suggests some ways to get involved with OVD and here are the ones that resonated with me but you should absolutely send a photo into her tumblr!

  • Blog about how traditional ideas of romance perpetuate gender inequalities and hurt people of all genders (so true!!!) 
  • Raise awareness about domestic violence and sexual assault like others have.
  • Not be that douche-y couple on Valentine’s Day—maybe hang out with your best friends, single and otherwise (My husband’s birthday is the 15th so we probably wouldn’t go out as that douche-y couple on the 14th anyway). 
  • Have a sexy conversation by candlelight with your partner about structural inequity
  • Make a commitment to have fulfilling, accountable and loving relationships in all parts of your life (because the relationship you have with your partner, if you have one, isn’t the only relationship in your life)

More to come as Vday approaches!


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