The Results Are In!

First I’d like to thank everyone who participated in the survey & poll (which is still open by the way, just look to the left and respond if you haven’t yet!!). I love writing My Orange Chair and I am definitely interested to find out what you readers enjoy.

So here’s what you had to say:


When I first started writing My Orange Chair it was to help me stay sane while job searching. A lot of my posts were kind of for my own benefit…you know…how to get a job posts! But it looks like now that’s a little less relevant to you and me so I’m glad we line up there. In fact, 67% of you said you could do without those.

The comments on this question were WAY more helpful than I ever expected. One respondent wrote:

I love your posts about learning and growing in the workplace. I think so many times we get caught up in the day-to-day tasks of our jobs, so it’s nice to be reminded to think about things like long term goals, how young people are perceived in the workplace, and making oneself stand out amongst an ever-growing sea of young professionals. I love a lot of things about the company I work for, but don’t quite love the position I am in, and I find myself thinking a lot of how I can move into a position that better serves my company and makes better use of my talents and skills.

What the What!? I completely relate to where you’re coming from (urr…or you related to me first? chicken or the egg?)  Thank you awesome anonymous survey responder.

Someone else had this to say:

This isn’t helpful at all, but I really love that you cover all of these topics. I like that the blog isn’t a one-topic pony

First of all, that is helpful. I love that I cover all of these topics too. Before I was able to start My Orange Chair I kept trying to figure out which niche a blog of mine could fit into. Would it be foodie-world? fashion? finance? BLECH! I just didn’t want to be pigeon-holed (or pony-holed) into one topic and one type of readership.

I’m also very excited that so many people were interested in guest blogging. If you gave me your email, I will be in touch!

So thank you for taking some time to respond to my survey. And you should absolutely take some more time and vote over in the side bar to convince my sister to start writing again!!

Right now, 66.66% of you agree with me and 33.33% of you are poopheads.


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