Check ‘Em

I have recently gotten in the habit of double checking my receipts after checking out at the grocery store. Big Sister started a while back and told me that she was finding all kinds of errors – at first I was hesitant to believe her, I mean, how many issues do you really find? and isn’t that just penny pinching?  Well, maybe, but mostly it’s protecting your money and only paying for what you buy. Most times I just catch products being rung up without their advertised sale. But…

In the last two weeks we’ve had two pretty major errors show up.

  1. We were charged for 12 heads of lettuce (@ $2.79 each) when we only bought one. That’s an excess of $30.69
  2. This weekend it was 23 oranges (@$.79 each) and we only purchased 2. That’s $16.59 added to our bill.

So now I’m wondering how much money I’ve just WASTED at the grocery store due to errors like these. If I hadn’t caught these two, I would’ve been out $47.28 and that’s just in the last two weeks!!

What could you buy for $47.28? Why, a new pair of shoes, lunch for 3, a really nice bottle of wine, 6 pretty good bottles of wine .. you get the picture.

Get in the habit of checking your receipts – it’s not penny pinching, it’s just smart.


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