Twitter – It’s Not For Noobs

I was reluctant at first to use twitter.

When I first started writing My Orange Chair, Suzanne Grossman of Love Your Job Now told Big Sister to tell me to start a twitter account so she could tweet about a post of mine (while mentioning me). I thought, ‘hey, this could be cool, twitter, why not?’.

Suzanne’s tweets were great, and they brought me a little bit of readership so … that was good.

And then I left it at that. I wasn’t totally sure about how to optimize twitter usage so I would say a little blurb about each blog piece, essentially turning it into a RSS feed which, according to Twenties Hacker, is a no-no.

Yes, I knew it was bad, but maintaining a twitter account, and doing it properly seemed so hard (this is scary for me to admit because I’m afraid that’s how future older me will respond to future newer technologies)

But it’s not! Twitter, like any other social media tool, is really about having a conversation and directing internet traffic. Hashtags and RTs aren’t so scary if you just give them a try.

In fact, the first time I think I really used twitter appropriately was in January when I wrote about one of idealist’s blog posts, mentioned it on twitter, and had a little conversation with them. That day brought me more readership than My Orange Chair had ever seen. Yay readers!

And since then, twitter has consistently brought higher levels of readership (though maybe that’s in part to a larger base). So even if you’re a little scared of twitter, or you don’t know how it could work for you don’t worry – you don’t have to constantly update your life, where you are, and how you’re feeling – just have a little conversation with your followers and the tiwtterverse without letting the tool become RSS feed number 2.


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