Just One Month

So, I know I said in my last piece that I’d be dedicating more time to My Orange Chair – but clearly that didn’t happen. I’ve been in the hardcore ‘job-hunting’ and enjoying this ‘mini-vacation’ mode. Also, I was feeling a little burned out and over exposed on the blog. There was a lot I wanted to share, or even just write, that I felt I couldn’t for various reasons.

But that’s all about to end (I hope) because I’m starting a new job on Monday! I am very VERY excited about this new opportunity – it aligns beautifully with my interests and it’s close by (that’s right. no more commute. I knew it would happen one day). Aren’t those the two things I said I wanted in my last post? Oh yes, yes they are. What’s more is that I think there’s a lot of opportunity for upward mobility where I’m headed and that’s a huge issue for many young workers – we want to feel like there are ways for us to grow.

I learned a lot in this last job search process because it was so drastically different from the last time. I had very serious networks at work for me this time around and I really made the most of every informational interview. Also, this turnover happened in one month instead of five (or what seemed like a bagillion at the time).  Because I had so many new resources, I knew I could keep that momentum going, finding a new position quickly. Another key difference this time around was that I focused on quality of my applications versus quantity. There wasn’t as much urgency so I really only applied to jobs that I really felt would be a good fit and weren’t far far away.

So I hope I can find my blog-footing again and keep on keeping on with My Orange Chair but for now I’m just going to enjoy my last few days of freedom before getting back into the workforce. Yay new opportunity!


7 thoughts on “Just One Month

    • Thanks Michelle! I love the look of your blog and I’m so glad you’re still following My Orange Chair 🙂 I’m sorry to hear about your dad and I hope you’re having an okay day…

      • Thanks! I couldn’t find your blog FOREVER (but I eventually searched through my old posts for your comments), so that’s why I haven’t been following along.

    • Thank you!! And Absolutely. I’ll send around a family email about it at some time and MAYBE write about it – I alluded to it in the post, I’m a little shy about writing specifics on the blog these days. Apparently my audience is larger than I ever knew and that’s not always a good thing!

    • It looks that way. But who wouldn’t love a month long vacay in April. I’d say the timing worked out rather well 🙂

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