Do you look like Julia?

Politically, I’m on the left side of left, I’m so far left, you can’t see me (unless you’re there too). But this post isn’t about whether or not I like or dislike Obama or Romney (I am not a fan of either if you were wondering) but about the ‘Life of Julia’ Campaign that Obama’s team put together. Have you seen it?

Because of my public policy background I have an astute appreciation for what they’re doing with this – it’s important for people to understand how policies will actually affect them on an personal level. Otherwise, public policies exist in a vacuum where Congressional members care about them but the people (for whom they will matter) don’t.

However I have some key issues with both the specifics and style of the campaign.

If you don’t want to go through the slide show I’ll give you a brief synopsis. Julia is shown at various ages throughout her life, engaging in the very standardized “this is what a woman’s life looks like in America” model. Hmm…I didn’t realize that women’s lives in America were so homogenized, orrrr white, or filled with babies, and college.

Anyway! Each slide features a public policy that Obama has created or supported and explains how that policy affects Julia’s life in a positive way (See the slides below).

Pretty effective stuff don’t you agree? (Well it’s effective if YOU can relate to the lady in the slide show).

Now you know I didn’t just put that last slide up there by accident because Student Loans are a BIG ISSUE on this blog. What about Julia’s mom in this scenario – what’s going on to help her with the debt she might still have? What about making tuition prices less outrageous for Julia’s son?

I appreciate the public policy messaging savvy but I’d like the campaign to think about reaching out to those who don’t exactly live Julia’s life.


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